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Every nation takes pride in its achievements, and for us, our Language Day stands as a national milestone. However, what truly enhances our pride is surpassing national boundaries, as observed on the globally celebrated International Mother Language Day. This international recognition aligns our language movement’s essence with the valorous sacrifices of our martyrs in harmony with the global community.

On February 21, marking this significant day, it symbolizes the period from 1948 to 1952 of widespread protests and events. Following Pakistan’s independence, the imposition of Urdu as the national language over the majority Bengali-speaking population sparked resistance, leading to the birth of protests against East Pakistan. Despite the imposition of Section 144 to suppress dissent, unrest persisted, resulting in tragic events like the deaths of Rafiq, Jabbar, Salam, Borkat, and Shofiq. Eventually, Bengali was rightfully recognized as the national language, and since then, this day has been observed nationwide.

On November 17, 1999, a special agency of the United Nations, UNESCO, declared the celebration of International Mother Language Day worldwide to honor our language movement and the sacrifice of the martyrs. This recognition has elevated our national dignity and internationally honored the sacrifice of our martyrs. The UNESCO recognition not only legitimizes our struggle but also champions the right of every nation to preserve its language for maintaining cultural identity and diversity.

Since 1952, the 21st of February has been observed as a day to commemorate our martyrs, where we pay our respects and honor their sacrifices. The memorial pillars, like the Shaheed Minar, stand as a testament to their selflessness, adorned with floral tributes as we observe a moment of silence in their honor. Beyond the solemn remembrance, this day sows the seeds of our struggle for freedom, teaching us the value of rights, dignity, and resistance, inspiring us to sacrifice for our country.

For us, as the only nation whose life is enriched by our mother tongue, we uphold a unique sense of independence and celebrate International Mother Language Day as a proud recognition of our history and achievement. It underscores the significance of linguistic identity and diversity, serving as a testament to our global acceptability and recognition.

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